Studio True Story

Studio True Story

Ever wondered where the True Story magic happens? Proving that we walk the talk, our studio in Brunswick East reflects our love of colour, built-in furniture and functional design.

Formerly a 4.7 metre wide shop, we’ve reinterpreted the conventional office as a series of living spaces with custom-designed furniture and cabinetry defining spaces without the need for any structural changes.

An elevated garden room at the entry allows for private phone calls and waiting clients; a wall of lush plants provides privacy and texture as well as nurturing calmness and clean air.

A centrally-located L-shaped work station encourages interaction whilst a flexible communal lounge is used for meetings, working, dining and even sleeping if we’ve been burning the midnight oil on a project!

Tiling, plywood, American Walnut veneer, brass and plush coral upholstery complements the wealth of greenery and creates a real home away from home. Which is good because we do spend a lot of time here…

Year Finished: 2017

Location: East Brunswick, Victoria

Photography: Dean Bradley

Urban and rural residential design by Dan Gayfer and Lewis Marash.

3 Nicholson Street,
Brunswick East, Victoria.