High House

High House

Dan will always have a soft spot for this project because it was the first house he bought with his wife.

Retaining the front two rooms, the new double storey addition on the five metre wide site was the result of making sure every millimetre of space had a specific role.

Much-needed light was incorporated through an internal courtyard in the living area and skylights and glass doors to the rear courtyard.

Ledges, built-in lounges and benches were located in the living areas to facilitate conversation. The first floor retreat and terrace is particularly successful in this regard and the scene of many gatherings with family and friends.

The interior design draws inspiration from Scandinavian (the colour and materials palette) and contemporary Japanese (efficient use of smaller spaces). Feature pastel tiling brings texture, colour and character.

The result is a house with many highs: not only the ceilings and roofline but high levels of natural light, functionality, flexibility and detail.

Year finished: 2015

Location: Fitzroy North, Victoria

Photography: Dean Bradley

Urban and rural residential design by Dan Gayfer and Lewis Marash.

3 Nicholson Street,
Brunswick East, Victoria.