Melrose Terrace

Melrose Terrace

When two retirees downsized from their large family home into their tiny, former investment property, they commissioned us to turn their jumble of dark rooms into a home that was as comfortable and functional as their previous one.

After gutting the ground floor, we positioned the dining area – with a space-saving built-in seat – at the front of the house. This allowed amenities like the laundry and powder room to be positioned on the opposite side of a galley kitchen in the middle.

The living area at the rear has another piece of custom built-in furniture, integrating shelving, side table, lounge and casement windows, freeing up space to access the outdoor terrace. Upstairs, a rooftop terrace increases the living space further.

The aesthetic is elegant, with the slightly varied style for each of the spaces enhanced by two different timber veneers, porcelain bench tops and paneling, splashes of brass and luxe fabrics for the built-in furniture.

Year finished: 2019

Location: North Melbourne, Victoria

Photography: Dean Bradley

Urban and rural residential design by Dan Gayfer and Lewis Marash.

3 Nicholson Street,
Brunswick East, Victoria.