House Northroy

House Northroy

With a tight 156m2 corner site, we had to make every millimetre count when we were commissioned to work on drawings to renovate and extend an archetypal Fitzroy North Victorian terrace just five metres wide.

Working in collaboration with architect Ben Lloyd (a relative of our clients), the two-storey extension is deliberately modest, enabling more of the budget to be spent on high-quality materials such as natural stone and timber.

Custom joinery in rich blackwood is used throughout, not only ensuring there is no wasted space but visually adding to the mid-century aesthetic of the new addition.

Colour features prominently, both in the green tiles in the bathroom and the striking terrazzo and salmon tiles in the ensuite as well as the traditional red brick used externally in the lower level of the new addition.

Emboldened by our clients’ total trust in our design decisions, the result is a timeless family home that elevates everyday living to an exciting level.

Year finished: 2023

Location: Fitzroy North

Photography: Dean Bradley

Urban and rural residential design by Dan Gayfer and Lewis Marash.

3 Nicholson Street,
Brunswick East, Victoria.